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Consulting firm for industrial and civil engineering
design and certification, based in Modena.


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Elettroprogetti was born on March 14th 1989 as an associated consulting firm, founded by I.E. Massimo Greco and I.E. Giorgio Badiali, who already worked individually in the engineering design sector for third parties.

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EP Elettroprogetti is born from the association of Ind. Exp. Greco Massimo and Ind. Exp. Badiali Giorgio, who, however, previously worked individually in the field of engineering design for third parties. It expands over the years, first as a Limited Liability Company (2009) and later as a Limited Liability Company among professionals, in 2016, to which in 2018 Dr. Eng. Capodieci Giuseppe is added.
The company mainly operates in the engineering design of electrical, telematic and technological systems in the various areas of application (civil, tertiary, industrial, medical, food, etc.) and in complementary specialized activities, such as appraisals, verifications, certifications, adaptation interventions to the regulations in force in the areas of prevention, safety and environmental hygiene.
Pursuant to its own by-laws, the firm may avail itself of the collaboration of external professionals, who actively participate in the work of the consulting firm itself, which currently involves an organic structure of 7 people, thus allowing the undertaking of “turnkey” engineering design tasks. In order to carry out the tasks quickly, the firm is equipped with an advanced computer technology system, consisting of 9 workstations individually equipped for the development of computer graphics, data processing, electronic data processing for drafting specifications, metric calculations, price analysis etc. all interconnected to a management software to which laser printers and an A0 format plotter are connected.

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Ind. Exp. Massimo Greco

Plant Design and Management

Ind. Exp. Giorgio Badiali

Plant Design and Management

Customer Testimonials

EP has been supporting customers quickly and with competence
for 30 years, by identifying the best solutions
for plant engineering and communications.

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