Elettroprogetti was born on March 14th 1989 as an associated consulting firm, founded by I.E. Massimo Greco and I.E. Giorgio Badiali, who already worked individually in the engineering design sector for third parties.

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The new production systems require an energy supply characterized by a high level of tension stability, power quality and continuity of operation, therefore the professional activity required and developed by our Company is characterized by a multiplicity of responses, all specific to each problem posed and characterized by professional quality and dynamicity every step of the way.
The activity is carried out for the Client by the analysis of energy problems, the identification of the possible solutions in the overlap of technical and economic dimensions, the development of the design of high, medium and low voltage electrical networks, of telematic and optical fiber and metallic conductor technologies data transmission systems, the verification and alignment of the selective protection of the networks and of the checks to monitor the functionality of the protections, the constructive verification of the planned works as well as the technical and administrative tests before the plants come into operation and accounting/settlement of works in accordance with supply contracts.
On the sidelines of the technical design activity, production support activities are carried out, aimed at ensuring safety levels over time in the specific areas of the electricity and communication networks, with classification of the production areas for the purposes of explosion risk (ATEX), measurement of compatibility levels in terms of emission of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, energy procedures for monitoring energy consumption and planning energy supply to the users. Given the Customer’s production specifications, our company collaborates in the design of dedicated testing systems for vehicle parts, such as engines, KERS and HERS energy storage systems, and also provides training for technicians assigned to activities at risk that is specific for carrying out work while under, in proximity and in contact with, live electricity and communications networks.

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Industrial Curriculum

The Industrial Curriculum contains a list of all the details on the most important projects,
carried out by the EP Elettroprogetti’s team over the last 30+ years.